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Children's Aikido Classes

Children as young as five years of age benefit from practicing Aikido. Children are avid learners of new material. They enjoy challenging their young minds and bodies and take special pride in mastering new skills. In addition, they require regular exercise to stay fit both physically and mentally. Keeping this in mind, we strive to attain the following goals with children:

  1. Develop physical and mental awareness.
  2. Improve flexibility and coordination.
  3. Enrich interpersonal skills.
  4. Enhance self-esteem and self-confidence.
  5. Provide overall body conditioning.


Instruction is initially centered around physical exercises designed to improve motor skills and increase physical coordination. The children are then taught how to fall without hurting themselves. After the students are comfortable with falling, we introduce basic martial arts principles of movement. In conjunction with these principles, we instruct them in the techniques of Aikido. Cooperation and teamwork are stressed as the more accomplished children assist the newer students in developing their skills.

Dues are $80.00 per child per month. (Family and military discounts are available.) Children may attend two classes per week.

Classes are offered Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and on Saturday mornings. Please refer to the schedule for specific times appropriate for your child.

Comments from Parents

"We think the dojo and Aikido are great. Another class or two for kids would be even better. Also, class assistants have been great."

"I can obviously only speak for myself, but I feel you do an excellent job with the kids. I know most of the kids need and want (if unconsciously) the discipline that you command from them. I also know that my son has benefited from your instruction in the way he moves and continues to gain confidence in his body."

"I appreciate the philosophy and practice of Aikido. The discipline, the focus, the instruction are all so valuable. My son has just started, but I am very pleased with the program."


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