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Alameda Aikikai offers beginning through advanced classes in aikido. In aikido, men and women cooperate in daily practice aimed at making the mind and body become more harmonious with nature. Because of its great versatility, aikido may be practiced by both young and old as a martial art for self-defense as well as a method of physical and spiritual training.

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Elmer Tancinco, 4th Dan, Shidoin, Chief Instructor. See more photos in our online photo gallery.

New students learn basic footwork and how to fall and roll properly. After several weeks, the beginning student is free to practice with all students who posess a variety of skill levels.

Since competition often raises negative emotional qualities that are contrary to the harmonious spirit of aikido, we offer regularly scheduled non-compulsory testing evaluations for students who desire to advance in rank. These testing sessions are based on a nationally recognized series of guidelines and requirements developed by T.K. Chiba, Shihan, and ensure the strong transmission O'Sensei's aikido throughout the United States. Candidates for testing must meet minimum required training hours.

Each member is encouraged to attend seminars and annual summer camps to supplement training and to support other affiliated dojos.

Visitors are welcome to watch or participate in their first class free of charge.


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